Past - People and Culture Committee

At its Special Council Meeting of 1 November 2016 it was resolved to disband the People and Culture Committee effective from 31 December 2016.  Council also endorsed a new Committee Structure including the Review and Selection Committee commencing on 1 January 2017 and adopted the Terms of Reference.  For more information visit the Review and Selection Committee page.

The City of Marion established a People and Culture Committee originally in 2016 with membership comprising of three Elected Members and an independent member.


This Committee was established to review, monitor and advise on relevant strategies regarding organisation performance and culture.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference were developed having regard to the powers, functions and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer and specify the duties of the Committee in detail.

In summary, the Committee was responsible for:

  • Oversight of human resource function and strategies.
  • Sourcing all expert members for section 41 Committees and the Development Assessment Panel.
  • Reviewing the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Recommending to Council a process for the recruitment of the Chief Executive Officer.
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For further information, contact the Manager of Human Resources on 8375 6600 or find out more about Council meetings on the Council Meetings page.

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