i-MiEV Electric Car

The i-MiEV (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) is the City of Marion's electric car which is used by the Community Care team to visit residents in their own homes.

City of Marion became one of the first 40 organisations in Australia to collect keys to the country’s first fully electric car in October 2010.

Since the electric vehicle (EV) entered the car pool, it has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reinforce City of Marion’s commitment to clean, green technology.

Some i-MiEV features:
  • A driving range of up to 150km.
  • A regulated top speed of 130km per hour.
  • Vehicle is 100 per cent electric and produces no drive-time emissions.
  • Has no noise except the whisper of rubber and asphalt.

Find out more about the i-MiEV by downloading the City Limits Magazine December 2011(3380 kb).

View a YouTube video about the i-MiEV which was featured on the television series Out of the Ordinary.