Adopt a Tree

Improve your city and the environment by adopting a tree

City of Marion residents can help protect old and new plants across the city by registering to Adopt a Tree.  

People who register will receive a free watering bucket and detailed tree care instructions.

Healthy street trees can provide habitat for birds, reduce storm water run off and purify the air we breathe.

Watering a tree outside your home once or twice a week will help preserve one of the city's most important natural resources.


How to register your new street tree

To register for Adopt a Tree, call the City of Marion on 8375 6600 or email


What are the benefits of street trees?

Healthy street trees can:

  • Provide habitat for birds and other wildlife.
  • Reduce storm water run off and erosion.
  • Make the city more beautiful.
  • Purify the air we breathe.


Tree tips
  • There's no need to water if rainfall is more than 25mm in a week.
  • Only carry as much water as you can comfortably manage.
  • Don't disturb the soil surface extensively under the tree canopy as this will damage tree roots.
  • Spreading mulch under the canopy will help retain soil moisture.
  • Don't park vehicles under trees as this compacts the soil and reduces water infiltration. 

Should I use tap water?

Water is an important resource, so where possible, use non-potable (non drinking) water from the bath, shower, sink or washing mahcine rinse cycle.

How much does a tree need?

One to two buckets of water each week.

What about water restrictions?

Watering public trees is voluntary and must be conducted within water restrictions.

How can I help young trees?

  • Pour two to three buckets of non-potable water around the base each week.
  • Maintain a water holding basin around the tree with soil 10-15cm high around the drip line to contain water.
  • Break up compacted surface soil with a fork around the base of the tree. This helps water soak deep into the soil.

How can I help older trees?

  • Apply non-potable water slowly and evenly on the ground around the tree to reduce run-off.
  • Pour the water in the area beneath the tree canopy.