Oaklands Wetland

Oaklands Wetland is a sensitive and deeply valued wetland which plays a variety of important roles.

The wetland is located in Oaklands Wetland and Reserve at 237-265 Oaklands Road in Oaklands Park; adjacent to the Warradale Army Barracks and across the road from the Marion Outdoor Swimming Centre.

It is a cherished open space still in the early years of development, where our community directly connects with nature. It is home to a diversity of wildlife including birds, aquatic life and protected species including the Grey-headed Flying-fox.

Importantly, the key purpose of the wetland itself is to clean and supply precious water to many of our parks. It is a ‘water farm’ and once fully operational it will help provide the community with green open spaces.


Soak up some nature

Family enjoying Oaklands WetlandsOaklands Wetland is home to many different species of animals including parrots, ducks, cockatoos and wader birds such as spoonbills, ibis and gulls. Fish and frogs live in the wetland, plus many different types of insects like dragonflies and mayflies.

Majestic, old river red gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and 85,000 new plants play an important role creating habitat for our wildlife.

There are many things to enjoy at Oaklands Wetland, such as:

  • Walk, run or cycle along the paths.
  • Cross the stepping stones in front of the wetland weir.
  • Sit on one of the several huge logs alongside Sturt Creek.
  • Volunteer with the Friends of Sturt River Landcare to plant and care for native plants.
  • Watch or photograph native birds foraging in the wetland
  • Relax with a picnic or BBQ.
  • Learn how the wetland works by booking a tour.


Cleaning water naturally – how the wetland works

When fully operational the wetland can capture, clean and store up to 400 million litres of stormwater each year.

Water is cleaned as it moves slowly through a series of ponds, which each use natural processes in various ways to clean the water.

To function properly, the wetland needs calm water, healthy plants and native animals to all play their part. For more information visit our Oaklands Wetland - how it works webpage.


How our community cares

Our community values the wetland, its wildlife and the green open spaces which the wetland can support. Visitors to the wetland show they care by:

For more information about these ways to care, please visit Our community cares for Oaklands Wetland webpage.


Public safety

Public safety is vital and the wetland has a number of design features to ensure this and support adult supervision of children. 

Visit Public Safety at Oaklands Wetland for more information.


Wetland tours and self-guided walks

Oaklands wetland map Visitors can learn how the wetland functions, including its pumping infrastructure, electrical control equipment and the aquifer injection and extraction process.

The tours allow people to appreciate the extent and complexity of its infrastructure. It is already proving to be an important site for environmental education. The wetland is also being used for scientific research by Flinders University and Adelaide University. 

For information about wetland tours, contact:

Glynn Ricketts
Water Resources Coordinator
Phone: 8375 6600

Download a copy of the Oaklands wetland map(634 kb).

Download a copy of the Bird checklist for Oaklands Wetland(1169 kb).


Oaklands Wetland and Reserve master plan

The Oaklands Wetland and Reserve master plan includes the wetland, adventure play space, biodiversity corridor and recreation plaza.

Construction to upgrade the recreation plaza began in October 2014. Visit the 'Oaklands Reserve' webpage for more information.




LGA Awareness Campaign video

This ‘behind the scenes’ YouTube video gives a unique insight into the recently unveiled $9 million Oaklands Wetland.

It also highlights the work done by our staff to build the award-winning wetland.

The special feature is part of a state-wide campaign to profile the role of councils and career opportunities in local government. Find out more at the Careers in Council website.