M Files - Online Time Capsule

What is the M Files website?
Mfiles 2014 web screen shot

The M Files website is a City of Marion Arts and Cultural Development project providing a dynamic web presence dedicated to preserving and promoting our city’s cultural heritage.

It is an easy to use, online, visual time capsule which will be regularly updated with new themes to capture and showcase our community identity and stories over time.


An ongoing memory bank

The M Files website stores and shares Marion’s community heritage, helping to preserve and promote the stories of the people, places and things in our everyday lives that are special to us.

Your valued stories, collections and artefacts open a window between the past and the future. Seize the opportunity and add to our online time capsule!


Everybody’s got a story

We invite you to share your stories of living, working and celebrating the people, places and things in Marion both now and in the past.

Help us create a digital snapshot of Marion’s living history, by being a part of our M Files online time capsule.

To contribute your story visit the M Files website. You can include, photos, audio and film, oral and written stories to any of the relevant galleries.


Further information

For more details, please contact the Arts and Cultural Development Officer on 8375 6600 or council@marion.sa.gov.au.