Documents and Forms

Are you looking for a City of Marion application form or document to download and fill out?

The below list provides the most popular documents and forms that the community may find useful, aimed at giving you easy access to these files.

To submit a form to Council, follow the instructions in the document or visit the Contact Us page.

If you have trouble downloading these files, or can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact City of Marion on 8375 6600 or email on

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1) Animals and Pests

1.1) Additional Cat Application Form(89 kb)

1.2) Additional Dog Application Form(37 kb)

1.3) Cat Trap Agreement Form(89 kb)

1.4) Change of Dog Registration Details - Form 4(77 kb)

1.5) Helpful Hints on Deterring Cats(73 kb)

1.6) Initial Barking Dog Complaint Form(32 kb)

1.7) Initial Noisy Bird Complaint Form(31 kb)

1.8) Mosquito Control Information Sheet(85 kb)

1.9) Poultry Brochure(196 kb)

1.10) Rats Brochure(262 kb)


2) Community Care

2.1) Community Care Referral Form(87 kb)

2.2) Community Care Brochure - Services Available(2902 kb)


3) Development - Planning and Building

Visit the Development Information Guides & Forms page for more documents.

3.1) The Development Application Process Brochure(39 kb)

3.2) Development Application Form(170 kb)

3.3) Information To Be Supplied With An Application Brochure(86 kb)

3.4) Development Application Fee Schedule(24 kb)

3.5) Electricity Act Declaration Of Applicant Form(40 kb)

3.6) Driveway Access Letter and Permit Form(126 kb)

3.7) Fencing Assessment Book Extract Application Form(87 kb)

3.8) Availability of Development Documents(67 kb)


4) Development - Other

4.1) Underground Electrical Service Application Form(125 kb)

4.2) Underground Electrical Service Application Conditions(93 kb)


5) Food Safety and Hygiene

5.1) Food Business Notification Form(118 kb)

5.2) Temporary Food Business Notification Form(98 kb)

5.3) Tempoary Food Business Notification Form Events(100 kb) 


6) Rates

6.1) Assessment Book Extract Application Form(85 kb)

6.2) Change of Name and Address Form(116 kb)

6.3) Direct Debit Application Form(110 kb)

6.4) Fencing Assessment Book Extract Application Form(87 kb)

6.5) Section 7 Application Form(83 kb)

6.6) Postponement of Rates for Seniors Application Form(101 kb)

6.7) Rates Rebate Application Form(141 kb)


7) Vehicles, Parking and Transport

7.1) Change of Driver Form(36 kb)

7.2) Residential Parking Exemption Permit Application(92 kb)

7.3) Review of Decision Application Form and Statutory Declaration(96 kb)


8) Waste and Recycling

8.1) Request to replace a missing bin(93 kb)

8.2) 2017 Bin Collection Calendar and Recycling Guide(2118 kb)


9) Other

9.1) Access Over Community Land Permit(68 kb)

9.2) Freedom of Information Application Form(44 kb)

9.3) Halls for Hire Information Sheet(237 kb)

9.4) Miniskip and Shipping Container Application Form(90 kb)

9.5) Sale of Produce on Council Land Application(102 kb)

9.6) Temporary Signs and Banners Application(60 kb)