Planning and development of the local area are key responsibilities of local government. The Local Government Act 1999 requires City of Marion to plan at the local and regional level for the development and future requirements of our area.

The Development section of the City of Marion's website provides information about undertaking development within the City of Marion.

It also provides information about major projects which will strategically support the development of services and facilities for the community and enhance the environmental sustainability of the area.


Development services

The range of activities that constitute 'development' is defined in the Development Act 1993 and generally includes building work, a change in the use of land and the division of land.

The City of Marion's Development and Regulatory Services unit manages applications for development while working closely with the community, local industry planners and developers.

It provides best-practice administration of the Development Act 1993 and the Liquor Licence Act 1997 in accordance with the community's emerging needs and expectations.


Strategic projects

The City of Marion's Strategic Projects unit facilitates the delivery of major projects on behalf of Council.

Each project is considered a Strategic Project because of the level of investment, scale and/or the dependency on the partnering support and commitment from key strategic partners, from both the public and private sectors.


Further information

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