Special General Council

From time to time, the need arises to call a special meeting of the Council, mainly when matters of an urgent nature arise.

The CEO must call a special meeting of the Council at the request of either the Mayor, at least three members of the Council, or a Council Committee at which at least three members of the Council vote in favour of the making of the request.

An agenda for the special meeting must be provided to the CEO at the time the request is made. If the agenda is not provided then the request has no effect. Each member of the Council must be given at least four hours notice of the special meeting before the start of the meeting.

To download agendas and minutes for each meeting, see below.

To find out more about the decision making structures of Council, visit the About Council Meetings page.

Agendas and minutes

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Previous agendas and minutes

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2015 Agendas and mintues

 9 November 2015

 SGC091115 - Agenda(562 kb)
SGC091115 - Minutes(47 kb)

 16 June 2015

SGC160615 - Agenda(890 kb)
SGC160615 - Minutes(185 kb)

 14 May 2015

SGC140515 - Agenda(1714 kb) 
SGC140515 - Minutes(187 kb)

 17 March 2015

SGC170315 - Agenda(623 kb)
SGC170315 - Minutes(21 kb)

 19 February 2015

SGC190215 - Agenda(52 kb)
SGC190215 - Minutes(190 kb)


Meeting dates

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2014 agendas and minutes
28 July 2014

SGC280714 - Agenda(2137 kb)
SGC280714 - Minutes(256 kb)

19 August 2014

SGC190814 - Agenda(660 kb)  
SGC190814 - Minutes(80 kb) 

15 September 2014

SGC150914 - Agendas and Reports(730 kb)
SGC150914 - Minutes(79 kb)
SGC150914 - Audio(38023 kb)  

2013 agendas and minutes

30 July 2013

 Agenda(13623 kb)
 Minutes(129 kb)

2 April 2013

9 April 2013 - Resumption of 2 April 2013

 Agenda(1206 kb) 

 Agenda(291 kb)

 Resumption SGC020413 - Public Minutes(29 kb)
 Minutes(717 kb)
 Report(1230 kb)

2012 agendas and minutes
11 December 2012   Agenda(148 kb) 
 Minutes(21 kb)
2011 agendas and minutes
6 December 2011  Agenda(1588 kb) 
 Minutes(28 kb)
2010 agendas and minutes
21 December 2010  Agenda SGC211210%20-%20Agenda%20and%20Reports (6941 kb)
 Minutes SGC211210%20-%20Minutes (92 kb)

If you would like to view agendas and minutes from previous Council terms, please contact the Unit Manager Council Support on 8375 6600.