Open Space Strategy

Open Space & Recreation Strategy

The City of Marion’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy 2006-2016 will guide the sustainable planning, development and management of approximately 350 open spaces and recreation facilities within these open space settings.

Open spaces contribute to a healthy city and community and the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors through the provision of recreation opportunities and natural environments. Open space can also attract economic benefits, such as through tourism.

This Strategy comprises the following sections:

Section 1 – Context

Background information relating to:

  • State, regional and local strategies, plans, legislation and policies
  • Trends and benefits relating to open space and recreation
  • A Planning Framework to assess the provision of open spaces
  • Demand for open space and recreation based on demographic profiles and consultation
  • Feedback from the community and other key stakeholders

Section 2 – Strategic Plan

  • Council-wide and Precinct level strategic actions and Implementation Plan

Section 3 – Appendices



The City of Marion Open Space and Recreation Strategy is under review throughout 2017.