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Let’s Get Oaklands Crossing Moving

Oaklands Crossing - Let's get oaklands crossing movingWelcome to the campaign to end more than 40 years of traffic congestion at Oaklands crossing.

The crossing is at the intersection of Diagonal and Morphett roads in Oaklands Park and is owned by the State Government. It is the scene of daily traffic chaos, 20-minute delays and commuter frustration.

This webpage contains resources that will help you get involved, a summary of the issues, the results of a community survey, links to dedicated social media accounts, and allows you to register for project updates.

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What we want

Join us in calling on the State and Federal Governments to work together to fund and build a grade separation of road and rail to fix Oaklands crossing.


What you can do

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$190m plan to end traffic chaos

A $190 million plan to fix 40 years of traffic chaos at Oaklands crossing has been applauded by motorists and the community.

The plan hinges on the Federal Government agreeing to redirect about $150 million in savings from the Northern Connector project into Oaklands.

The Federal Government promised $40 million during the election campaign towards fixing the road and rail bottleneck.

Premier Jay Weatherill and State Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan announced the plan on 28 July.

View the City Limits article about the plan.


$40 million pledge to fix Oaklands crossing

A $40 million commitment from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull towards fixing Oaklands crossing will be applauded by motorists. 

The Prime Minister promised has to help fund a grade separation of road and rail at the crossing, at the intersection of Diagonal and Morphett Roads. 

Marion Mayor Kris Hanna said: “The Turnbull Government’s announcement is fantastic news for motorists and the wider community”.




  • Traffic jams adding to cost of doing business and time it takes people to travel to school, shopping and entertainment.
  • Average of more than 41,000 vehicles a day tackle the crossing, gridlocking a busy intersection.
  • The boomgates can close about 130 times a day, effectively closing a main north-south road to vehicles for two hours a day.
  • People can be stuck in traffic for up to 20 minutes at peak times.

Business concerns

  • Businesses say traffic jams are turning customers away.


  • Office of the Rail Safety Regulator lists Oaklands as Adelaide’s fifth most dangerous crossing.
  • SAPOL reported 100 collisions at the intersection from 2010 to 2015 – and two crashes involving pedestrians.


A plan

In 2012, the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) released a planning study which assessed four grade separation options.

Its preferred option at the time was to take the Seaford rail line over Diagonal and Morphett roads by building a 1.1 kilometre rail overpass. Construction was estimated at $100m-$110m at the time.



Building the infrastructure to fix traffic congestion at the crossing will:

  • Help strengthen the economy.
  • Create jobs during construction phase.
  • Provide residents, businesses and motorists with easier access to services and facilities.

A solution could save motorists 3-4 minutes and 20 minutes in peak time.



View, print and display copies of campaign materials:


Oaklands crossing survey

In March 2016 a total of 2198 people responded to a City of Marion Oaklands Crossing survey about their experiences of using the crossing. There was overwhelming support to fix the crossing.


Brief history

1971 – Overpass plans announced.
1976 – Council is told overpass not justified.
2008 – State Government rebuilds Oaklands train station.
2011 – $12.6m upgrade of roads surrounding the crossing scrapped in favour of a crossing study.
2011 – DPTI begins crossing study.
2012 – State Government reveals plan to build $100m - $110m overpass.
2013 – (Feb) Marion Council launches petition calling on State Government to build rail overpass.
2013 – (Oct) State Government launches 30-year integrated Transport Land Use Plan Building a Stronger South Australia which includes a grade separation but no timeline.


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