Hazardous Household Waste

Green Industries SA (GISA) Household Hazardous Waste Depot

Hazardous household waste and farm chemicals can be taken to the waste depot operated by Zero Waste SA (ZWSA) located at the corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek.

This service is provided free of charge by GISA for all households and farmers.

The waste depot is open on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding public holidays) between 9am and 12noon.

For information on what is accepted, visit the Green Industries SA (GISA) website.


Other disposal options for common tricky waste items

Find out about recycling and disposal options for paint, gas cylinders, batteries and other items tricky to dispose of on our Other Waste page.   


Safe transportation of hazardous household waste to collection facilities

It is important to take the following precautions when transporting household hazardous wastes to your collection point:

  • Always handle hazardous wastes carefully and avoid direct contact. Wear protective gear/equipment where possible.
  • Prior to transporting, ensure lids are tightly fitted and hazardous wastes are securely packed in a non-returnable crate or box. Place leaking containers into a sealed container prior to transportation.
  • If possible retain all labels or label chemicals clearly where known.
  • There will be no decanting facility for fuels on the day.
  • When transporting, put the crate or box on a tarpaulin in the boot of the car.
  • It is suggested that passengers are excluded from vehicles when transporting Hazardous Household Waste to drop-off point.


Further information

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