Dogs Fine Payments

Direct to the City of Marion
  • Online
    Credit Card Payment may be made directly to the City of Marion eServices website.
  • Phone
    Please call the Customer Service Centre on 8375 6600.
    * 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.
    * Please have the expiation notice available at the time of the call.
  • In person
    Present your expiation notice to the Customer Service Centre at the City of Marion at the Administration Centre, 245 Sturt Road.
    * EFTPOS and credit cards accepted.
  • Mail
    Cheques or Money Orders should be made payable to the City of Marion and forwarded with the payment slip to City of Marion, Locked Bag 1, Oaklands Park SA 5046.
    * Receipts will only be issued if clearly requested.
    * Post dated cheques will be returned unless prior arrangements have been made.


Payments by instalments
  • To the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit
    If you cannot afford to pay your expiation in full by the due date, please contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit on 1800 659 538 to make an enquiry.

(Please note: you can not pay a dog impound fee by instalment through the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit)


Current fees

The table below lists the offences against the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and the associated expiation fee.

A late fee of $54.00 applies for failing to pay an expiation notice by the due date.

Dog and Cat Management Act 1995
101 Unregistered Dog Sec 33(2) $170.00
102 Unregistered Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 33(2) $750.00
103 Wandering at Large Sec 43 $210.00
104 Wandering at Large Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 43 $750.00
105 Dog in School Grounds etc Sec 45A(2) $315.00
106 Dog in School Grounds etc Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 45A(2) $750.00
107 Dog in Shop without Consent Sec 45A(3) $315.00
108 Dog in Shop without Consent Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 45A(3) $750.00
109 Dog Not Properly Identified Sec 40 $170.00
110 Dog Not Properly Identified Dangerous/Prescribed Breed Dog Sec 40 $750.00
111 Dog Chasing Vehicle Sec 45A(4) $315.00
112 Creating a Nuisance by Barking Sec 45A $315.00
113 Failure to Remove Dog Faeces Sec 45A(6) $210.00
114 Not Restrained being transported etc Sec 45(1) $210.00
115 Dog Attack/Harrassment Sec 44(2) $315.00
116 Dog Causing Injury to Person etc Sec 45A(1) $315.00
117 Prescribed Breed without Muzzle Sec 45B(1) $750.00
118 Prescribed Breed not on Leash Sec 45B(1) $750.00
119 Greyhound without a Muzzle Sec 45C(1) $315.00
120 Greyhound not on a Leash Sec 45C(1) $315.00
121 Dog Subject to Order Fails to Notify etc Sec 56 $210.00
122 Fail to Notify New Owner of Order Sec 57 $210.00
123 Fail to Notify Council of Registration Change Sec 37(1) $315.00
125 Fail to Notify Council of Guard Dog Reg 8 $170.00
Impound Fee $67.00