Darlington Upgrade

The next stage of North-South Corridor to be upgraded is the 2.3km section of road between the Southern Expressway and Ayliffes Road at Darlington.

The Australian and State Governments have committed $620 million in total towards the construction of the Darlington Upgrade Project. The key features of the project are:

  • A new, lowered road on the western side of South Road that will allow non-stop flow of traffic from the Southern Expressway to the Ayliffes Road intersection with South Road.
  • A parallel surface road (an upgraded South Road) along the current South Road alignment to ensure all existing arterial and local road connections remain in place and operate as they do now.
  • The extension of Flinders Drive from South Road to Sturt Road will enable more efficient access to Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders Private Hospital and Flinders University.
  • Upgrades to cycle and pedestrian routes for safer movement of people within the Darlington precinct and for improved connection to other local cycling and walking paths.
  • Improvements to the intersections of Marion Road and Sturt Road, South Road and Daws Road and localised upgrading of South Road through Edwardstown.

For further details please visit the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website.


Do you have a query?

If you have any queries about the project, please speak to the Southern Expressway Duplication project team from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

  • Phone: 1300 626 097
  • Email: dpti.southroad@sa.gov.au
  • Visit their site office at Level 2, Sir Mark Oliphant Building 5 Laffer Drive, Bedford Park.
  • Post a letter to Darlington Upgrade Project, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Reply Paid 1533, Adelaide SA 5001.

City of Marion Contact:
Georgie Johnson
Phone: 8375 6679
Email: georgie.johnson@marion.sa.gov.au