Common Thread

BOOK NOW: Nature Wellness, Wednesday 5 April

Common ThreadGet inspired, make connections and learn about all things sustainability at Common Thread, our free monthly program at the Marion Cultural Centre.

Bringing together sustainability, the arts, and practical do-it-yourself know-how, Common Thread will connect people who share a common interest in living in the world lightly.

We'd like to see Common Thread be guided or run by the people who take part in it. Expect workshops, networking and ideas sharing.

If you'd like to get involved in planning or contributing to future Common Thread events please contact Jess Mitchell by phoning 8375 6600 or email


Current event

5 April 2017
Nature WellnessNature Wellness (Forest Therapy or 'Shinrin Yoku')

Alex Gaut (Conservation Council SA) will introduce us to Forest Therapy or 'Shinrin Yoku'. This practice refers to spending time in natural areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellbeing and happiness.

Imagine something that combines the benefits of embodied practices like yoga, with mindfulness, and the benefits of psychology and social connection - all in a natural setting.

Book your spot at this session today.

Previous events

1 March 2017
Sustainable Living - a practical super session

Join us for a sustainable living super session, featuring five presenters and an activity to make your own jute scrubber.
Topics include:

  • Assess your home energy use for FREE!
  • Learn how to use the home energy toolkit available at your local library.
  • Where is your waste coming from? Audit your home to reduce your waste footprint.
  • Ebooks and digital magazines - a whole new world of online FREE stuff.
  • Kefir and Kombucha: fermented goodness.
  • Living Smart: sustainable living course.
  • Make your own jute scrubber for the kitchen sink.

 2 November 2016
Water Sensitive Urban Design - at home and in the community

Discover practical ways to save water in your home and garden with Dan French. Learn the basic principles and grab some great design ideas for small sites - bring your garden to life! You will be surprised how much money and the volume of water you can save.

7 September 2016
Urban Wildlife - backyards and beyond

Hear from a local expert on how to create a wildlife friendly garden. Ask questions about the wildlife you see in your backyard and in local reserves.

James Plummer (PhD student, University of SA) will talk about the impacts of growing city on our native plants and animals. Find out how this information can be used to plan for increased urban biodiversity in Adelaide.

3 August 2016
Just Eat It - a food waste story (movie screening and discussion)

Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food. What they find is truly shocking.

6 July 2016
Green behaviours - making a sustainable change

Save power, recycle, or walk or ride to the shops.

We know these actions are good for the planet. How can we get people to do them?

PhD student Ashlea Bartram (University of Adelaide) will talk about what makes an effective behaviour change program and give us tips on how to have quality conversations to bring about change.

31 May 2016
Aboriginal Night Skies

Travel through the night sky and hear stories from Australian Aboriginal Culture. Paul Curnow (lecturer at Adelaide Planetarium) will take us on a journey to explore how knowledge of the stars and constellations has been passed on through oral narration, dance and artistic impression. 

4 May 2016
Productive Gardens - a permaculture approach

Hear from Nadja Osterstock about permaculture ethics and principles and how you can apply them in your garden and community.

6 April 2016
Kaurna Language - an introduction

Learn some basic expressions in Kaurna language from Dr Rob Amery (University of Adelaide) - a consultant linguist with over 30 years experience working with Aboriginal communities.

2 March 2016
Simple Living - live better with less

Hear from Dani Austin about back-to-basic skills that can increase wellbeing and reduce our impact on the environment.

7 October 2015
Health impacts of climate change

Talk from Dr Eleanor Evans from Doctors for the Environment Australia and the Blackwood Clinic.

2 September 2015
Fermenting food and conscious eating

Workshop on fermenting food with wellbeing educator Remedy Bliss, plus a talk by Almeda Peer from Sustaining Lifestyles on conscious eating.

5 August 2015
Native bee hotels

Learn about our local native bees with Dr Remko Leijs from the South Australian Museum and Flinders University.

Plus make a ‘hotel’ for native bees to use in your own home garden, and find out how you can share your native bee experiences to contribute to science.

1 July 2015
Global consumerism and waste

Dr Robert Crocker from UniSA's Zero Waste SA Research Centre provided a 'systems-based' overview of global over-consumption and waste.

He looked at a number of systems including food, electronics and 'time saving' products.

Plus community member Veronique Perrin will share how her family 'shrunk' their waste bin.

3 June 2015
Celestial Wonders

Martin Lewicki from the Adelaide Planetarium took us on a virtual tour of the solar system, before showing us the moon through some telescopes.

Plus Philip Roetman from UniSA's Discovery Circle shared how to get involved with astronomical citizen science projects.

6 May 2015
PechaKucha Night, Sustainability: A Living Expression

A fun, fast paced PechaKucha Night where six fabulous speakers shared their passions for sustainability.

MC Matthew Wright-Simon from Ecocreative entertained the crowd, and welcomed speakers including:

  • Keitha Haycock, Seed Freedom Food Festival
  • Sharon Ede, Share Adelaide
  • Josie McLean, The Partnership Pty Ltd
  • Fiona Cross, Bodhi Tree Wines
  • Samantha Lorton, Abundant Health
  • Phil Donaldson, CRC for Low Carbon Living.

1 April 2015
Bag It

Screening of Bag It, which follows 'everyman' Jeb Berrier as he navigates our plastic world.

Jeb is not a radical environmentalist, but someone who decides to take a closer look at how plastics have infiltrated our lives.

Plus speaker Allison Byrne, City of Marion Education Officer Waste and Recycling spoke on what happens to recycling once it's been taken 'away'.

4 March 2015
In Transition 2.0

Screening of the film In Transition 2.0, which is an inspirational immersion in the Transition movement.

It showed stories from around the world of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.