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The City Limits Magazine is a community publication that keeps Marion residents in touch with what is happening in their community. It includes information about major projects, Council initiatives and events, as well as profiles of community members.

It is published three times a year and distributed to 40,000 residents and businesses in the Marion Council area.

City Limits Magazine Issue 53 December 2016 Front Cover
City Limits online

We have designed our City Limits magazine with the digital world in mind.

The magazine is aimed at bringing you closer to the stories in your community, with a range of features including links to more photos, further information and videos.

When reading the print and digital copies, look out for icons on selected articles telling you how to see more photos on Facebook, get further information online, or view Marion in a Minute videos on YouTube.

City Limits Magazine - Issue 53 - 
December 2016

Want to view the mag online?

Read some of the December 2016 issue of City Limits magazine by viewing the online articles below:

Achieving for the community - 2015/16 Annual Report

5 December 2016
Read about the 2015/16 City of Marion Annual Report.

Art exhibit shows Marion’s got talent at Gallery M

5 December 2016
Read about how more than 100 artworks showcasing local talent have been unveiled at the 15th Community Art Exhibition at Gallery M.

Community festival revamped as street party

5 December 2016
Read about how Marion’s biggest community festival, Marion Celebrates, has been revamped as a twilight street party.

Defibrillators set to protect lives at Council venues

5 December 2016
Read about how lifesaving defibrillators have been installed at City of Marion venues to help resuscitate people who have suffered a heart attack.

Descendants of WW1 servicemen meet for first time

5 December 2016
Read about how descendants of more than 200 World War One servicemen met for the first time at a commemorative event at Warradale Barracks..

Discovering Marion - your guide to summer fun

5 December 2016
Read about 20 great places to visit this summer in a four-page guide to help you have fun without blowing the budget.

Green volunteers dig deep at Oaklands Wetland

5 December 2016
Read about how a small band of local volunteers is digging deep to plant tens of thousands of seedlings at Oaklands wetland.

Happy hour celebrates summer at the Marion Outdoor Swimming Centre

5 December 2016
Read about how the Marion Outdoor Swimming Centre is celebrating summer with its first ‘happy hour’.

King Kyle wins key to Marion’s heart

5 December 2016
Read about how Olympic gold medalist swimmer Kyle Chalmers was honoured with the Key to the City.

Local tech company launches revolutionary mobile X-ray machine

5 December 2016
Read about how a local technology company is gearing up to revolutionise the world market in medical devices by launching a new mobile X-ray machine

Mayoral offer to end crossing impasse at Oaklands Crossing

5 December 2016
Read about how Mayor Kris Hanna has called on the State and Federal governments to put aside their differences and work together to fix Oaklands Crossing.

Networking gets big at Tonsley

5 December 2016
Read about a networking event at Tonsley that attracted more than 1000 attendees.

New wetland for Hallett Cove at Glade Crescent Reserve

5 December 2016
Read about how a new wetland in Hallett Cove will improve the quality of water flowing into the Gulf St Vincent and bring people closer to nature.

Not-for-profits launch youth events with Council grants

5 December 2016
Read about how not-for-profit groups have launched a new series of skateboarding and BMX events, arts projects and a drop in centre for local youth after Marion Council recently awarded $41,000 in grants.

Open Glenthorne Farm to the community

5 December 2016
Read about Marion Council's view that Glenthorne Farm should be preserved as a site of historical and environmental significance for future generations to enjoy.

Retaining walls - Who is responsible for building them and how costs are shared

5 December 2016
Read essential information for anyone thinking about building a retaining wall and find out how costs should be shared between neighbours.

Spy cameras to combat illegal dumping

5 December 2016
Read about how covert surveillance cameras have been deployed to combat the illegal dumping of waste in a landmark partnership between the City of Marion and the Environment Protection Authority.

Tall Poppies - Transforming lives

5 December 2016
Read about how an 80-year-old volunteer is designing and building equipment for people with a disability.