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The City Limits Magazine is a community publication that keeps Marion residents in touch with what is happening in their community. It includes information about major projects, Council initiatives and events, as well as profiles of community members.

It is published three times a year and distributed to 40,000 residents and businesses in the Marion Council area.

City Limits online

We have designed our City Limits magazine with the digital world in mind.

The magazine is aimed at bringing you closer to the stories in your community, with a range of features including links to more photos, further information and videos.

When reading the print and digital copies, look out for icons on selected articles telling you how to see more photos on Facebook, get further information online, or view Marion in a Minute videos on YouTube.

City Limits Magazine - Issue 54 - 
March 2017

Want to view the mag online?

Australia Day honours

22 March 2017
Read about our local heroes awarded as part of the country's biggest celebration.

Camp for young leaders

22 March 2017
Read about how young people can develop leadership skills.

Council bridges gap to teen employment

22 March 2017
Read about how Council is boosting the career prospects of local teenagers.

Dancing in the street

22 March 2017
Find out about our biggest community festival.

Darlington update

22 March 2017
Read the latest news about the Darlington road upgrade.

Funding program helps club grow

22 March 2017
Read about how Council is helping sporting and community clubs to develop.

Jervois Street Reserve awarded

22 March 2017
Read how a local playground has been voted the destination of choice for young children.

Learn to live smart

22 March 2017
Find out how you can live more sustainably.

Local theatre group turns 50

22 March 2017
Read about Galleon Theatre's 50th anniversary celebrations.

New plan to promote reconciliation

22 March 2017
Find out about Council's Reconciliation Action Plan.

New Tonsley suburb created

22 March 2017
Read about our new suburb.

Nine reasons to donate to new playground

22 March 2017
Find out how you can help children with a disability.

No rates windfall from subdivisions

22 March 2017
Learn how your rates are calculated.

Red tape slashed in business boost

22 March 2017
Find out how Council is supporting local businesses.

Water skills for life

22 March 2017
Find out about a new junior national swimming program.