Oaklands Wetland BioBlitz - Saturday 28 October 2017

Walking across rocks BioBlitz at Oaklands Wetland

  • What’s that wiggly water bug... A scud? A water boatman?
  • Knock, knock - who’s home? Discover wildlife making their home in the nest boxes.
  • Who’s ‘croak’ is that? Find out about the fascinating world of frogs.

Join in the fun with activities for all ages at our upcoming Bioblitz from 9am to 9.30pm to meet the locals who call Oaklands Wetland home.

There will be organised talks and walks about the wetlands, wildlife and astronomy.

Register for FREE activities, or just drop by to meet some wildlife and watch the action. Come for an hour or stay for the day.

Book your place in a session here.

BioBlitz is a partnership between the City of Marion and UniSA.

Warriparinga BioBlitz (2016)

Warriparinga Bioblitz BirdwatchingWe had almost 400 people attending and a whopping 777 session registrations at the Warriparinga BioBlitz on Saturday 29 October.

Scientists surveyed the whole site and turned up an impressive range of plants and animals: banjo frogs, native apricots, water skinks, brown tree frogs, flying foxes and brushtail possums just to name a few.

Little (and big) kids had fun making cubby houses, learning about native animals and getting up close with creepy crawlies.

Visit the Discovery Circle website for more pictures of the BioBlitz and a list of the life recorded at Warriparinga.



Hallett Cove BioBlitz (2015)

Over 500 observations of animals, birds and plants were recorded at the coastal BioBlitz, which was held at Hallett Cove beach on 13-14 November 2015.

The event welcomed over 450 scientists and community members who peered into rock pools, gazed at stars and searched the dunes and woodland for plants, birds and animals.

Hallett Cove BioBlitz discoverying rock pools

Animals recorded included a Koala and Chocolate Wattled Bat. Muntries, Seaberry Saltbush and Tall Scurf-pea were among the plant life. Under the water, two unexpected invasive species were discovered; the European Fan Worm and European Shore Crab. Both species can be spread by shipping activities and their presence was reported to Biosecurity SA to help inform future management of marine pests.

The first day started with activities for 150 school students, such as wildlife demonstrations, ‘be a beach detective’ activities, nature-art and practical geology fun. Then scientists worked with the public into the night and the following day to survey the local biodiversity.

BioBlitz organiser Dr Philip Roetman from the University of South Australia said the event helped people have fun while getting close to science and nature.

BioBlitz was organised by the Discovery Circle, a program of the University of South Australia, and run in partnership with the City of Marion and SA Museum.

Visit the Discovery Circle website for more pictures of the BioBlitz and a list of the life recorded on the coast.



Oaklands Wetland BioBlitz (2014)

Download an 'at a glance' summary of life recorded at Oaklands Wetland:

Alternatively, you can view comprehensive and current results via the Discovery Circle website and select the 'BioBlitz Oaklands Wetland' option.