Adult Community Education

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What are Adult Community Education courses?

Adult Community Education (ACE) Programs are an alternative to traditional formal learning.

ACE courses are designed to improve your learning skills and are the first step towards other training and education opportunities.

Classes are held at City of Marion's Neighbourhood Centres; Glandore, Mitchell Park, Trott Park and Cooinda (Sturt).


Who are ACE courses for?

ACE courses are for people aged 17 and over who want to improve their confidence, as well as build foundation and employability skills.

A basic ability to read, write and communicate in English is required for these courses.


Why learn with us?
  • Courses are free
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Courses are accredited through TAFE SA
  • Small class sizes
  • Prepare for work or employment
  • Have fun and meet new people
  • Build your community network



Introduction to Computers

Build your skills, confidence and ability to use a computer in this introductory course designed for anyone who would like to learn the basics of using a computer. Unit - FSKDIG01 Use digital technology for basic workplace tasks.

Computers for Work

Learn how to use Microsoft Office to undertake a variety tasks and functions. Topics include: inserting tables and charts, writing letters, spreadsheets and much more. Basic word processing skills are required for this course.  Unit - FSKWTG05  Complete simple workplace formatted texts.

Introduction to Café Work

Have you ever wanted to work in a café? This course will help you to: serve customers, prepare food, make a professional cappuccino, learn safety and hygiene procedures and build your confidence to work in a café environment. Unit - FSKNUM09 Identify, measure and estimate familiar quantities for work.

Preparing for Work

In this course you will learn how to highlight employability skills by creating a personal profile, discover the importance of networking as well as ways to look for jobs. You will prepare your own resume and tailor it to suit different jobs. You will discover ways to build your confidence, learn interview tips and much more.  Unit - FSKLRG07 Use strategies to identify job opportunities.

My Wellbeing

This 8 week course will help you develop and practice a series of wellbeing and resilience tools to help you manage stress, think more optimistically, locate your own strengths to handle the challenges that life throws at you. Unit - FSKOCM03 Participate in simple spoken exchanges at work.

Get your Learner’s Permit

Learn about driver responsibilities, road rules, signs and markings as you prepare to take your written learner’s driving test. Note: The test will be at your own expense. Unit - FSKRDG02 Read and respond to basic workplace signs and symbols.

Health and Wellness

Improve your overall health and wellbeing by exploring aspects of wellness and become aware of your health choices. Learn about healthy eating, physical activity, emotional and cognitive wellness and strategies for coping with stress. Learn simple mindfulness practices such as meditation in a safe and informative environment. Unit - FSKNUM07 Locate specific information in highly familiar graphs and charts for work.

Introduction to Small Business

This course will provide an introduction to the basics of small business and help you learn a variety of skills needed for participation in a small or home business. The course will have a particular focus on: personal goal setting and planning your own field trip to a local business. Unit - FSKLRG01 Prepare to participate in a learning environment.

English as a Second Language 

These classes will help you improve your English language skills to be able to communicate and understand important information needed to live and work in Australia. Learning will be fun and include a variety of games and activities to help you practice your English so you are more able to handle everyday situations. Unit - FSKOCM01 Participate in highly familiar spoken exchanges.

Everyday Literacy 

Reading, writing and numeracy skills are important for everyday life. This course will provide a supportive environment for you to build the reading, writing and numeracy skills you need for everyday life. Topics covered: form-filling, reading a variety of texts and internet searching. Unit - FSKWTG01 Write personal details on basic workplace forms.


Nationally Recognised Training

Adult Community Education Courses offer units of competency from the Foundation Skills Training Package (FSK) and are funded by the Government of South Australia.



To register interest and keep up to date with course starting dates, call 8375 6755.


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