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five-armed-seastar-hallett-cove-bioblitzHallett Cove BioBlitz

The community and scientists came together to survey as many animals, birds and plants as they could find at the Hallett Cove Beach BioBlitz on 13-14 November 2015.

The event welcomed around 450 community members, and over 100 students from local schools. The NRM Education team ran 'Be a Beach Detective' sessions to help students identify the species that live in the intertidal zone, like the five-armed seastar.


Marion Celebrates
Listening to sounds at Marion Celebrates

Children and adults triggered their five senses at NRM Education’s stall at Marion Celebrates on 29 March.

Activities ranged from guessing the smells of nature (some more pleasant than others!), listening to bird sounds, and touching native and feral animal’s fur and spikes.

A 'What's in the box' guessing game also had children exploring their sense of touch to discover a range of native seed pods and cones.



NRM Education - Park of the Month at Hallett CoveNature Play SA's 'Park of the Month':
Hallett Cove Conservation Park

The geological marvel of Hallett Cove Conservation Park played host to Nature Play SA’s ‘Park of the Month’ in March 2015.

The park contains evidence of the Australian ice age from over 280 million years ago and provides an archaeological treasure chest including more than 1,700 Aboriginal artefacts.

Activities for children and families included:

  • Hands-on experiments using natural materials to understand how the park's geological formations were created
  • Building beach creations using beach materials
  • Being beach detectives to encourage exploration of different features.

Visit the National Parks South Australia website for more information.


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